Roles and Responsibilities of Honors College Faculty Fellows

(A) Honors Faculty Fellows will meet the following expectations:

  1. Serve as mentors to senior Honors Scholars in preparation for their Senior Thesis;
  2. Assist with career counseling/mentoring for Honors College Scholars in their departments or related departments;
  3. Promote the Honors College before potential students, potential benefactors, and other publics;
  4. Commit to assisting the Honors College with recruitment of high academic profile students.

(B) Benefits to fellows for their contributions to students and the Honors College include:

  1. Assistance from Honors College scholars in their research, creative, professional and service projects;
  2. An annual account of up to $1,400 for Fellows to use for (a) making refereed presentations or juried creative presentations/performances at conferences of professional organizations, for which TSU is given credit in the published program booklets. Use of these funds will be consistent with university and state policies, and the balance from any one year will not be “rolled over” to the next year.
  3. The opportunity to help some of the most intellectually gifted students on campus to graduate and become leaders locally, nationally, and globally.
Dr. Tanya Allen  Open
Dr. David Baker  Open
Dr. Collette M. Bloom  Open
Dr. Willie Capers II  Open
Dr. Claudius B. Claiborne  Open
Dr. Mayur S. Desai  Open
Dr. Roger Hart  Open
Dr. Iris M. Lancaster  Open
Dr. Yi Qi  Open
Dr. Monica L. Rasmus  Open
Dr. Ayodotun Sodipe  Open
Dr. Christian Ulasi  Open
Dr. April Walker  Open