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Give a Gift

"As you grow older you will discover that you have two hands: one for yourself, the other for helping others."          

Abraham Lincoln

Show your support of the Jesse H. Jones School of Business through the donation of a gift to the school.  Your financial support of the school is always welcomed as it helps to fund new programs, offer scholarships and aid to students, and maintain and enhance current programming, among fund the daily operations of the School.

Unrestricted gifts and pledges are directed toward the School's greatest needs.  However, gifts and pledges can be restricted to one or more of the School's objectives listed below.  If your company has a matching gift program, please contact us to find out how your gift can be increased.

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Gift Options

  • JHJ Book Scholarships
  • JHJ Emergency Student Funding Assistance
  • JHJ Community Outreach Centers
  • JHJ Energy Investment Banking Program
  • JHJ Student Organization Activity Support
  • Other and/or Special Instructions

Please make check or money orders payable to Jesse H. Jones School of Business and forward to:

Jesse H. Jones School of Business-TSU
3100 Cleburne Street
Houston, TX 77004