Peter Brown
JHJ Business Advisory Council


Peter Brown

Peter was born and raised in Houston. He enlisted in the U.S. Army after graduating from the University of Houston and pursuing advanced degrees in Architecture and Urban Planning. There, he served for six years in the active reserve before receiving an honorable discharge Peter built his own small business into a successful firm. Building a national firm from the ground up, Peter knows how to get the fundamentals right – how to meet a payroll, repay his loans, and hire the best. He knows what it takes to ensure employees have health care and benefits, and how to develop and market a new product. More than anything, he’s learned how to keep costs low, improve services, and get the job done.

As a small businessman and architect, Peter helped build our city’s economy and its neighborhoods. Peter has worked building parks, police and fire stations, health clinics, and schools in more than 40 Houston neighborhoods. He's worked on projects in over 20 cities, including Miami, Oklahoma City, Denver, Dallas, San Antonio and Austin giving him a detailed understanding of cities, the people of Houston and their needs. Thirty years of experience as a businessman working in cities taught Peter important lessons that will help him make city government more effective, efficient, and accountable.


Besides running his own business Peter has been a leader in Houston’s non-profit community, serving on the boards of Habitat for Humanity, Inprint, Trees For Houston, The Main Street Coalition, Blueprint Houston, The Park People, The Gulf Coast Institute, The Houston Grand Opera and many other non-profit organizations. It’s this sort of commitment to serving the community and getting the job done right that led Peter to public service. In 2005, he won an at-large position on the Houston City Council. Two years later he was overwhelmingly re-elected to a second term. He is recognized as one of the council’s most effective members and a tireless advocate for economic development, governmental reform, safer neighborhoods and improving the quality of life in Houston. Along the way, he’s built a reputation as an independent straight-shooter who tells it like it is and keeps his promises. As a City Councilman, Brown saved taxpayers millions by reworking city building plans, cutting government waste, and championing conservation efforts. He knows how to make a business thrive, and he knows how to get results.

A dedicated family man, with five children and 15 grandchildren, Peter is deeply committed to building a safer Houston with expanded opportunity and a higher quality of life. An even better Houston in which to live, work, and raise a family. He has three sons - Hoyt, a civil engineer; Marlin, a CPA in Dallas; and Chris, who works for the City of Houston. His daughter Hilary is a successful attorney in Dallas, and his youngest, Catherine, has followed in his footsteps as an urban planner, working in Baltimore.



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