2016 E-Club Week
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Entrpreneurship Club Week - Fall 2016

The JHJ School of Business Entrepreneurship Club wrapped up the Fall 2016 Semester with our incredibly successful E-Club Week.  Four days of E-Club activities designed to provide students with opportunities for professional development, small business development, exposure to major business opportunities and networking, with NASA professionals including the Director of Procurement, TSU JHJ Distinguished Alum Ms. Debra L. Johnson and prime contractors such as Raytheon Corp. 

The week concluded with a “Doing Business with NASA Workshop” which began with a panel discussion focused on what it takes to do business with NASA and ended with a business pitch competition where students were challenged to pitch business ideas for future products and services designed to support NASA’s mission to send humans to MARS.  NASA professionals were so impressed with our students that all competitors were invited to take a VIP behind the scenes tour of NASA this spring.  

In addition to Raytheon, other industry and community partners participating in this event included ERC Incorporated, Logical Innovations Incorporated and the Links Incorporated, Port City Chapter.  

The week unfolded as follows.

Day 1 – Professional Development with Toastmasters (Students learned to speak extemporaneously)

Day 2 – E-Club Pop-Up Shop (Small businesses run by students and TSU alumni displayed their wares)

Day 3 – E-Club Membership Drive

Day 4 – Doing Business with NASA Workshop (over forty participants)