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Dr. C.B. Claiborne Presents JHJ Leadership Fellows iTunesU Course to Apple Worldwide Educational Sales and Marketing Group

November 24, 2014. The JHJ Leadership Fellows are learning all about the "Business of Art", a project led by Professor of Marketing, C.B. Claiborne, Ph.D. Claiborne is the Director of the JHJ Leadership Fellows Program and was named as an Apple Distinguished Educator in the 2013 class.

The iTunesU course; "Peace, Power, Respect, Dignity, Love (PPRDL): Building a Black Arts Exhibition" was chosen as one of twelve showcase courses to be presented to over 1000 members of Apple's Worldwide Educational Marketing Team at their recent internal planning meeting in Austin on November 15, 2014. The course is designed to make students more aware of the rich cultural heritage surrounding them; including the murals of John Biggers, the University Museum, public art in the Third Ward, and local Black Art galleries and collections.

Dr. Claiborne also teamed with Prof. Matt Stolzfus of Ohio State and Dr. Michael Mills of Central Arkansas to present breakout sessions on Curriculum Innovation to a group of over 150 members of Apple's JHJ FellowsHigher Education Marketing Team.

The PPRDL course uses Apple's pedagogical model: context, content and collaboration, which emphasizes "flipped" educational perspectives and peer to peer learning.

JHJ Leadership Fellows student projects underway for the course this semester range from: the GIS mapping of the works of John Biggers and Carroll Simms, to curating an exhibition of public art and graffiti in the Third Ward, to examining the business and passion of art collecting and marketing. The Fellows have had numerous activities during this learning journey they have taken gallery and museum tours, interviewed curators, met with collectors, and have become more than passionate about the business behind the arts.


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