Course Includes:

  • 48 hours of practical and theoretical training (6 week course meet 2 days out the week)
  • Educational Handouts and Personal Training Resources*
  • Adult CPR, AED, & First Aid American Red Cross Certification
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Preparation for a National Certification Exam
  • Lead by Certified Fitness Professionals

Course Fees:

TSU Affiliates (Students, Faculty/ Staff) $375

Non-TSU Affiliates: $ 750

Total Payment is due on or before the first day of class. (Money Order, Check, or Credit Card Accepted)                                                    

Expectations upon Completion of Prep Course:

  • Candidates must successfully complete the course with a score of 75% or better on the in house test and must have at least an 80% attendance record in order to be considered for the internship program.
  • Once the Candidate has been accepted they must complete a 50hr. supervised internship. The candidate will have 3 months to attempt the National Certification Exam, during which time will remain under supervision.

Expectations after Taking the Exam:

  • You will receive an ACE certification by scoring 75% or better. ( score of 500-800) once certification is received you will be granted the freedom to perform normal duties as a personal trainer unsupervised and receiving full 70% of all client sales.
  • Scoring 70% on the exam you will be able to perform fitness assessments unsupervised, and one on one training must be supervised with you receiving 50% of client sale and the assigned trainer supervisor receiving 20% of your client sales. Study sessions with a certified trainer will be required.
  • Scoring 65% and below on the exam you will continue to be supervised on all personal training duties and required to go through study sessions with a Certified trainer. You will receive 30% of client sales and the recreation center receiving the other 40%.

Date: TBA

Days: TBA

Time: TBA

Location: TBA

Attire: Casual workout gear

Course Material Needed: Pen, Notebook paper, three-ring binder

* Optional Material: ACE Personal Trainer Manual (4th ed.) - $54 dollars on ACE Website                                                    

Last Updated: 3/14/17