Humphrey Regis

DR. HUMPHREY A. REGIS led the development of the vision, mission, policies, structure, operations, strategic plan and assessment plan of the Thomas F. Freeman Honors College at Texas Southern University from 2011 to 2014. This includes elements related to curriculum, instruction, student activities, student services, faculty relations, administrator relations, institutional relations, and external relations. A review of the program in the College led an official of the Thurgood Marshall College Fund to call it “unique.”

Dr. Regis has administered a multi-section course, a professional sequence, a graduate program, a Liberal Studies Program, and a Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, and has served as associate director of a School of Mass Communications. He has served on departmental committees responsible for courses; concentrations; undergraduate program development; graduate program development; program assessment; theses and dissertations; and faculty recruitment, evaluation, promotion, tenure, and/or post- tenure review. He also has served on a committee that promotes reciprocity between colleges, and another committee that focuses on undergraduate liberal arts education, in a large, multi-campus urban university.

He has managed the development and improvement of courses, sequences and programs. He has managed the recruitment, utilization, evaluation and development of members of faculties and staffs. He has ad- ministered evaluations of the performance of students, and assessments of the effectiveness of academic programs. He has developed proposals for securing equipment and facilities, and managed the acquisition, installation, utilization, maintenance and improvement of them. He has managed the personnel, facilities, equipment and other aspects of the budgets of units. He has represented the missions, goals and objectives of academic and other units within their educational institutions and before external entities.

Dr. Regis has conceived and implemented projects in education, in his professional specialty, and in the addressing of social imperatives. They include a journal on diversity and research; a “special monograph edition” of a journal on mass communication and culture; an integrative volume on mass communication and culture; what one review calls a “scholarly, authoritative, remarkable” volume on local “creolism” as a model for world “globalism;” a scholastic and community project and related volume that one review says sow the seeds of “a one-man revolution” in education on the history of a global community; a con- ference on the relationships among members of a global community; and a radio series on the insights one develops on the history of an ethnic group through the study of its music. These initiatives have received support from university and external sources – and, one, from the National Endowment for the Arts.

Dr. Regis has studied print and broadcast media, mass communication theory and research, and relation- ships between mass communication and immigrant adjustment, personal and national development, and cultural definition and continuance and change. He has applied insights from these studies in the development of perspectives and conducting of research on the relationships between mass communication and culture, orientation to reference groups, and location in global social space. In the use of the perspectives, he has made scholarly contributions experts call independent, authoritative, interdisciplinary, “seminal.”

He seeks to use his abilities in teaching, research, service and leadership in entities that prepare students to be informed, measured, engaged members of communities of the age of globalization and globalism.

School Administration