Assessment, Evaluation, Improvement Committee (AEIC)


AEIC – Assessment, Evaluation and Improvement Committee
The AEIC charge is to facilitate assessment, evaluation, and improvement of COPHS academic programs; incorporate AEI principles into all program activities; coordinate delivery of timely communication and reporting; and promote stakeholder adoption and participation.

Mr. Reginald Allen, Instructor, Respiratory Therapy
Dr. Uche Anadu-Ndefo, Assistant Professor
Dr. Lily Cheung, Assistant Professor
Dr. Flora Estes, Assistant Dean for Practice Programs, Assistant Professor, Ex-Officio
Dr. Michael Harris, TMC Program Director/Visiting Assistant Professor
Dr. Roddrick D. Jones, Director of Assessment, Planning and Effectiveness, Co-Chair
Dr. Golda A. Leonard, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Ex-officio
Mr. C.V. Mathews, Title III Deputy Director/ Resource Development
Dr. Sondip Mathur, Associate Professor, Co-Chair
Dr. Aisha Morris Moultry, Interim Assistant Dean for Student Services; and Associate Professor, Ex-Officio
Dr. Kimberly Pounds, Coordinator of Assessment and Outreach
Dr. Huan Xie, Assistant Professor