Name: Linda Coach-Riley
Phone: 713.313.7458

message from the dean

Welcome to the Thomas F. Freeman Honors College at Texas Southern University.  At this site, we provide our potential students, current students, alumni and other visitors with what we believe to be important information about the College. 

This information is on the academic program of the College, its co-curricular activities, its assistance to its students, its administrative structure and procedures, and its relationships with faculty, university officials and external publics.

We invite students to seek entry into the College as soon as possible.  We expect that the competition for admission into and assistance from the College will be keen.  That is because the College accepts applications not only from students in the senior year in high school but also from those in the first year at our university or other institutions. 

Readers should expect frequent updates to the information on this site.  The updates will reflect the continual attempt by the College to optimize the education it provides students through the utilization of University and external resources. 

Of course, the principal objective is to provide students with the best preparation possible for service and realization in the age of globalization and globalism.

Humphrey A. Regis, Ph.D., Dean