Name: Dr. E. Brown-Guillory
Title: Interim Dean
Phone: 713.313.6725
Fax: 713.313.1817

Mission Statement

An Honors College is an undergraduate-serving academic unit that invites the most intellectually gifted students on a campus to form a living and learning community that holds interdisciplinarity as its cornerstone. An Honors College is a space for exceptional intelligence, deep thought, high idealism, insightful conversations, unbridled creativity and extraordinary mentorship.

The mission of the Thomas F. Freeman Honors College is to educate students broadly and to expose them to experiences outside of their normal environments. The Honors College is dedicated to the following core values: scholarship, character, service, and leadership.

The main goal of the college is to nurture students—keeping them fully engaged intellectually, academically, and socially—through a timely graduation with high honors.

Finally, the Honors College seeks to help its graduates with their next educational and/or career endeavors.

To achieve the mission of the Thomas F. Freeman Honors College, academic and career counseling is critical to student success. It is what we do best!

The Thomas F. Freeman Honors College is fast becoming the premiere site for academic and career counseling. We have made a major commitment to meeting monthly with every student—new, transfer, new continuing, and continuing—in the Honors College. We believe that if we maintain this frequency of contact, there is absolutely no way that a student can fall through the cracks. Our advisors are associate and assistant deans with years of high quality experience of teaching, researching, and serving in the academy. They eagerly await each opportunity to spend time with our Honors students, ensuring a holistic approach to assisting them to succeed and to thrive at the university. Our advisors are as much mentors and career counselors as they are academic advisors, making sure that students take courses in the right sequence and with the very best faculty. Within our circle of advisors, we meet regularly to discuss best practices for advising, broadly defined. We want to help our students feel that there is no problem too severe for them to bring to their advisors in the Honors College. Even if students have no problems, we still want to see them monthly to be able to communicate face-to-face with our students about new and improved services that are evolving as we grow the Honors College. The Honors College offers full-service advocacy for students, and we are dedicated to graduating students on time and with high honors—the new mantra of the college.

We encourage our students to be proactive and call their advisors to schedule appointments. Honors advisors will certainly be calling and emailing students throughout the academic year to ensure that Honors students at all levels of their degree programs are attending mandatory monthly advising meetings. Simply put, the Honors College is all about student success!

Honors College Staff Charged with Advsing All Honors Students Monthly:

Students with "A" to "I" Last Names:
Contact Dr. Dianne Jemison Pollard, at and at 713-313-6722

Students with "J" to "R" Last Names:
Contact Dr. Hector Miranda, at mirandahc@TSU.EDU and at 713-313-6723

Students with "S" to "Z" Last Names:
Contact Dr. Nina V. Cofer, at cofernv@TSU.EDU and at 713-313-2692