Name: Linda Coach-Riley
Phone: 713.313.7458

our story: douglass to freeman

When Dr. John Rudley became president of Texas Southern University in 2008, he used “raising the bar” to rally TSU veteran Dr. James Douglas, new provost Dr. Sunny Ohia, and the university community to create “an institution of higher learning of the first class.”

The trio then tapped another TSU veteran, Dr. Thomas F. Freeman, to develop the existing Frederick Douglass Institute Honors Program into an Honors College.  Their vision and efforts bore fruit in 2009 with the launching of the College, now poised to become one of the leading academic units at the university and a shaper of citizens of the “age of the global.”

The Douglass Program was first funded through Title III in the fall of 1987. Under the leadership of its first directors, Dr. Patricia Williams, Dr. Sanders Anderson and Dr. Richard Pitre, and the coordination of Ms. Linda Coach-Riley, the program sought to promote intellectual curiosity and academic achievement.

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