Thomas, Roland W.
Professor – Military Science Instructor
B.A., Wayland Baptist University
MA., Webster University


about military science

Department Overview

The goal of the U.S. Army ROTC program is to develop technically competent, physically fit and highly motivated men and women for positions of responsibility as commissioned officers in the active Army, the Army Reserve and Army National Guard. Upon completion of the curriculum, students will have an understanding of the fundamental concepts and principles of the military as an art and as a science. The leadership and managerial experience gained through ROTC provides great benefit for students in both their civilian endeavors and their military careers.

Statutory Authority

General statutory authority for establishment and operation of the ROTC program, including the scholarship program, is contained in Title 10, United States Code, Chapter 103 (Sec. 2102-2111). Specific rules and procedures are found in U.S. Army Regulation 145-1.

Course Credit

ROTC classes may be taken for elective credit toward any degree plan at the University of Houston. Freshman and sophomore level classes are open to all students, regardless of age or physical condition. No military obligation is incurred as a result of enrollment in these courses. Junior and senior level courses are more restrictive and do require a military obligation. ROTC scholarship students also incur a military obligation.