Name: Linda Coach-Riley
Phone: 713.313.7458

ideals espoused by the college

The Thomas F. Freeman Honors College has great of expectations of its students and alumni.  For this reason, it expects that they will have lofty and enduring ideals.

The College insists that all students and alumni hold five Core Values:

1. Honesty         2. Integrity       3. Community         4. Creativity   5. Excellence

The College envisions that in their relationships as ideal citizens, its students and alumni will uphold seven principles that guided the highest-achieving ancient civilization for millennia and should guide all of humanity in the Age of the Global. The College sees these Seven Principles for the Age of Globalization and Globalism (SPAGGs) as:

1. Truth                      2. Justice                     3. Propriety
4. Harmony                5. Balance                   6. Order                      7. Reciprocity

With the education it provides its students, the College is extremely confident that the spirit and careers of its alumni will justify this bold claim of the College: 

Give Us Your Best; We’ll Give Them the World.