Serials Overview

The Serials Department is located on the second floor of the Robert James Terry Library. The Serials Department Information Desk is located just inside the Current Periodicals Room.

Currently, the Robert James Terry Library receives approximately 1,800 serial publications. The holdings and locations of journal titles currently subscribed to by the library can be accessed through the online library catalog. A flip-file at the Information Desk displays the titles and locations of all serial titles maintained by the library.

While the main Serials Collection is located on the second floor of the library, additional serial collections are divided by discipline. These serial collections are housed in other locations.

Business Serials are located on the fifth floor in the Business Library. Serial subscriptions that pertain to African-American Life and Culture are held in the Heartman Collection on the first floor.

Current issues of Pharmacy Serials are located in the Pharmacy Reading Room in the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, which is temporarily relocated in the Current Periodicals Room. However, the bound volumes of Pharmacy serials are part of the second floor Bound Journals Collection.

All of the journal titles held by the Robert James Terry Library are non-circulating.