Motion of the Ocean


The "Motion of The Ocean" dance line is an all female dance squad established in 1969.Prior dance training is highly recommended. The most successful members of this squad have had prior dance lessons and/or were members of  their high school dance lines.  All ladies selected for the “Motion of the Ocean” dance line are expected to maintain their audition appearance or that which is prescribed once selected to the line.  This will be monitored by  a selected panel appointed by the Director of Bands.  The candidates are judged on showmanship, appearance, personality projection, energy level, arm placement and dance ability.  There are (2) tryouts per year:  One in March with no instructional tryout fee and one in July with a mandatory pre-paid instructional/tryout fee. Please see the band website at for schedule updates.
“MOTION” Majorette candidates are required to perform the following skills (as a minimum and in addition to any other skills/techniques taught as part of the tryout process):
*Front/side jazz walks
* Left/right splits
* toe-touch
* leaps
* pique’ turns
* chasse
* basic tumbling

 Two-piece black leotard and flesh colored tights, flat-heel black jazz shoes
Your make up and hairstyle should be worn in a fashion which accents and flatters facial characteristics (GLAM IT UP!)  Your hair should be loose and not in a ponytail.
PART I Each candidate will be taught a routine consisting of four (4) counts of eight (8) beats by an assigned instructor.
PART II Each candidate will be required to create a routine consisting of six (6) counts of eight (8) beats in a group setting. A stunt must be included in the six (6) counts of eight (8).  Each group will be assigned/assembled by the tryout coordinator.
PART III Each candidate will be required to perform individually and  in a group setting..
PART IV Each candidate trying out for the CAPTAIN position will be required to perform a one (1) minute solo routine.
All aspects of the” Motion of the Ocean” including the tryout process, participation, uniforms, choreography, policies, and etcetera are under the supervision of and at the discretion of the Director of Bands or  his  delegate.