Virtual Auditions

Virtual Auditions are now possible!!!


  • High speed internet connection
  • Web cam/with mic (most of the newer one's have a mic integrated)
  • Account with (free!)

All of this should be in someplace you can play your instrument (percussionists, use the 'hard' side of a RealFeel type pad or a piece of wood!). Ask your band director; you may be able to use their office!

Option 1: We set an appointment day/time. At the time of your audition, we send you the sightreading. You do your entire audition via webcam!

Option 2: You can also simply video the scales/rudiments/prepared solo portion of your audition and upload it to YouTube (or MySpace, or FaceBook, or're everywhere!) If you make it a "private" video, make sure we can access it (invite, friend, whatever). If you pass that part of the audition, then we can schedule your sightreading session via webcam.