Instrumental Audition Information
Wind instruments (trumpet, clarinet, etc,) must play 12 major scales with arpeggios from memory. Scales should be performed at MM=80. You will also be requested to perform prepared literature (see etudes below, solo and ensemble literature, etc...) and sight-read. Percussionist please see information below. Live auditions will be held in the Department of Music by appointment and at the selected schools with the permission of the principal and band director. Live virtual auditions are also available via SKYPE. Taped auditions will be accepted at any time. Those persons who are interested in being considered for financial assistance through the Department of Music should audition as soon as possible.


Audition Etude for Fall 2014




Trumpet/T.C. Baritone

French Horn

Trombone/B.C. Baritone


Percussion Etudes

T1Percussion Etude #1

T2Percussion Etude #1 

T1Percussion Etude #2 

T1Percussion Etude #3 

T1Percussion Etude #4


Percussionist must know the following:
 I. Rudiments

Snare drum/quads/quints:
PAS 40 International Drum Rudiments
Bass Drum and Tenor Drum:
                 The N.A.R.D. 26 American Drum Rudiments
                   1 st 13 & 2 nd 13 rudiments:
                    Drum Rudiments.htm
                 The 1st 13 rudiments from the NARD list
           II. Prepared (written) solo on snare drum
           III. Sightreading
If you play mallet percussion, timpani, etc.; it would be to your benefit to prepare a piece on one of those instruments as well.

Percussion auditions can be live or video taped. If you do choose to send a tape, be sure to adequately and thoroughly demonstrate your skills as we will not have an opportunity to hear you sightread or ask you any questions.

Please also be aware that as part of the scholarship allocation process, we do periodic checks to see who has actually begun the application process to the university.

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