Ocean Waves


  The "Ocean Waves" is an all female Color Guard Unit, Established in 1969. Prior Flag Corps experience  is highly recommended.  All ladies selected for the “Ocean Waves”  are expected to maintain their audition appearance or that which is prescribed once selected to the line.  This will be monitored by  a selected panel appointed by the Director of Bands.  The candidates are judged on showmanship, appearance, personality projection, energy level, arm placement and dance ability.  There are (2) tryouts per year:  One in March with no instructional tryout fee and one in July with a mandatory pre-paid instructional/tryout fee. Please see the band website at www.tsu.edu/bands for schedule updates.

Auditionees unable to make the March Workshop and Live Audition may tryout during the annual Summer Band Camp held July 16-19th, 2012. There is a fee for this camp. Please see band leadership camp information updates.

  1. Auditionees will be required to create an original routine consisting of eight (8) counts of eight (8) beats. Ex. 1,2,3,4,...8; 2,2,3,4,...8; 3,2,3,4,...8, etc. Each auditionee is required to provide a cassette recording of music for her performance.
  2. The following executions are required in each of the original routines:
                    Color Guard (Flag)
                             1. Drop Spin
                             2. Butterfly
                             3. Windmill
    Each auditionee will be  TAUGHT a routine consisting of four (4) counts of eight (8) beats by a person(s) designated by the Director of Bands.
  3. Each auditionee will be required to   CREATE a routine consisting of four (4) counts of eight (8) beats IN A GROUP SETTING. Groups will be assigned by the Director of Bands or a designee.
  4. Each candidate will be judged in each of these categories:
  5. Original Routine - 30 points
    General Appearance - 30 points
    Group Routine - 40 pointsEach candidate is required to score an average of 70 points to be  CONSIDERED for either squad.

All routines will be taught by person(s) selected by the Director of Bands beginning  ONE (1) WEEK prior to the audition date.  

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