Advisor Name



College of Science, Engineering & Technology

Dr. Desiree Jackson, Assistant Dean

Sharon Hudson, Academic Advisor  713-313-7172
DeMariea Butler, Academic Advisor  713-313-1860
Adedeji Adeniyi (Academic Advisor) 


Ursurla Williams, Academic Advisor  713-313-4394

School of Communications

Kevin Adams, Assistant Dean
Andrea Townson, Academic Counselor 713-313-7740
Kimberly Taylor, Advisor


Barbara Jordan- Mickey Leland School of Public Affairs


Richelle Jones, Director of Student Support Services and Assessment

Eddie Bebley, Academic Advisor 713-13-7202
Sherena Johnson, Academic Advisor 713-313-6730

College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences

Dr. John Harrell, Assistant Dean for Student Services 713-313-1213
Dr. Willie Capers, Vice Chair for Clinical and Administrative Services 713-313-1232
Dr. Linda Solis, Coordinator of Recruitment and Retention 713-313-7433
Dr. Felicia McAdams, Director of Advising and Counseling 713-313-7550
Melva Davis, Director of Admissions 713-313-4345
Montrell Releford, Academic Advisor 713-313-6694
Dr. Zivar Yousefipour, Program Director, Environmental Health> 713-313-6700
Dr. Monica Rasmus, Program Director, Health Administration 713-313-1152

College of Education


Dr. J. Kenyatta Cavil, Interim Dean 713-313-1965
Dr. Yoruba Mutakabbir, Department Chair 713-313-7497
Dr. Lacey Reynolds, Department Chair 713-313-7621
Dr. Candy Ratliff, Department Chair 713-313-7018
Dr. Amber Adams, Curriculum and Instruction Advisor 713-313-7306
Billy Rosenberg, HKSS Academic Advisor 713-313-4297
Syreeta Landy-Blacklock, Interim Assistant Dean 713-313-1282

Honors College

Renuka S. Nair, Director Academic & Student Services


School of Business

Michelle Hill, Executive Director 713-313-7721
Debra Wilson, Advisor 713-313-1312
Kadiffa Brown, Advisor 713-313-7942
Naveed Haider, Graduate Advisor 713-313-7590

College of Liberal Arts & Behavioral Science

Dr. Needha Boutte-Queen, Dean 713-313-7783
Dr. Jane Perkyns, Interim Associate Dean 713-313-1037
Jacobie Backstrom, Academic Advisor - English/Foreign Languages. Art, Theatre, Music, History 713.313.7877
Tova Hausberger Academic Advisor - Social Work, Sociology, Human Services and Consumer Sciences -
Christina Haigler, Academic Advisor - Psychology (K through Z) 713-313-2830
Brandi Matthews, Academic Advisor - General Studies 713-313-4272
Nicole Owens, Academic Advisor - Psychology (A through J) -
Dr. Iris Lancaster, ENG 713-313-7653
Dr. Tushna Parekh, HIST 713-313-4843
Dr. Jason Oby, MUSI 713-313-7263
Dr. Denika Douglas, PSY 713.313.4429
Dr. Kenneth Jackson, SOCI 713-313-4452
Dr. Nicole Willis, SOCW 713-313-7320
Professor Leamon Green, ART/THEA 713-313-7677

Freshman Advisors


Erick Ortiz, Lead Enrollment and Completion Advisor, COE, SOC, SOPA 713-313-7152
Aaron Hawkins COPHS/COSET 713-313-4291
Gabriana McDowell JHJ 713-313-1013
Bernard Watson JHJ 713-313-7699
Avery Hartwell COLABS 713-313-7622
Pamela Julun, COPHS/COSET 713-313-7648
Demetrius Pegues, COLABS 713-313-7682
Bobby Scott, COE, SOC, SOPA -
Tisha Taylor, COLABS -
Destiny Anaele, COE, SOC, SOPA -
Caprice Wright, JHJ, Pathway to 30 Advisor 713-313-1318



Kimberly Evans, Assistant Athletics Director/ Academic Enhancement 713-313-7697
Camille Mills, Academic Advisor 713-313-7574
Arneecia Romeo, Academic Advisor 713-313-4230
Juwan Parker, Academic Advisor 713-313-1966
Kirsten Pitts, Academic Advisor 713-313-7665

The Graduate School

Dr. Gregory Maddox, Dean 713-313-7889
Dr. Mahesh Vanjani, Associate Dean 713-313-7786
Dr. Jessica Davis, Assistant Dean Graduate School 713-313-7731
Leddie Smith, Senior Admissions Officer 713-313-7941


Virginia Day, Director 713-313-7485
Vonda Lackey, Academic Advisor 713-313-7483
Donald Gordon, Academic Advisor 713-313-1855