General Information:

Students can purchase Caps and Gowns in the bookstore, Order invitations & Class Rings.

  • Keeper Set
    • Undergraduate Bachelor Degree Set:  Gown, Cap & Tassel –   $69.20
    • Master Degree Set:  Gown, Cap, Degree Hood, Cap & Tassel –   $93.00
    • Doctoral Degree Set:  Gown, Tam, Degree Hood, Cap & Tassel –   $126.98
  • Keeper Separates & Accessories
    • Undergraduate & Masters Degree Cap –   $9.95
    • Doctoral Degree Tam –   $35.00
    • Tassel –   $9.95
    • Masters Degree Hood –   $41.00
    • Doctoral Degree Hood –   $51.00
    • Law Degree Cords –   $12.00
    • TSU Stole –   $38.98
    • Greek Stole –   $29.95
  • Rental Accessories
    • Thurgood Marshall School of Law Candidates Only
      Cap & Gown –   $130.00
  • Faculty Members & Administrators Only
    • Master Degree Set –   $68.70
    • Doctoral Degree Set –   $76.20
  • Orders also can be placed on “
  • Cap and gowns, Invitations can be shipped to your residence.

*If you don’t participate in the Commencement ceremony, your diploma will be mailed to your home address on record with the University.


Commencement Ceremony: 8:30 a.m.

  • Graduate and Undergraduate Candidates

Commencement Attire:

  • Candidates are required to wear a black Academic Regalia ( Gown) and Black Cap with a Tassel.
  • Regalia ( Gown) with cap and tassel items are available in the   University Bookstore  for   purchase  or   rent. The University Bookstore’s Phone Number is   (713) 313-7030.
  • Invitations and Class Rings can be ordered at: .
  • If the cut-off date to order Cap and Gowns has passed, Candidates will need to prepay for the selected purchase directly in the bookstore.
  • Candidates will not be allowed to participate in the ceremony without the appropriate academic regalia.

Graduation Honors Distinction:

Honors distinctions are only designated to undergraduate candidates receiving their first bachelor’s degree.

Honors distinction is based on the lower of the two-quality point average from the previous semester before graduation.

Undergraduate candidates graduating with honors will receive one of the following honors distinctions:

  • Summa Cum Laude Honors (GPA 3.75 or above)
  • Magna Cum Laude Honors (GPA 3.50 to 3.74)
  • Cum Laude Honors (GPA 3.25 to 3.49)

Honors notation will be listed by the candidate name in the commencement program booklet and embedded on their diploma and recorded on their academic transcript.

Honors distinctions cords will be distributed at the Commencement reception.

Candidates affiliated with honor societies and registered campus organizations may wear stoles, cords,and medallions that represent their affiliations.

Contact Information:

  • All questions regarding graduation status should be addressed with the candidate’s Academic Advisor or Department Chairperson.
  • For questions regarding commencement practice or commencement information, please call   (713) 313-7458.