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The Career Services department is here to assist you from your first day on campus to your graduation and beyond. Our office provides a wide variety of resources to help you during every step of your career development process. This includes choosing a major, assistance with your internship or job search, planning for graduate school, résumé and cover letter help and more! If you need help getting started, schedule an appointment at with one of our staff members.
We look forward to seeing you soon!


For further assistance with your cover letter or resume revision, Click here. FIND A JOB
Register on TigerConnect, our exclusive online job portal. Registering is very easy. By completing your profile and uploading your résumé, you will be able to access our online database of jobs and Internships listings TigerConnect, access thousands of employers. TigerConnect is also a safe place to store résumés, cover letters, references and other documents.
Visit to get started!