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Writing without the limits of style – grammer, punctuation or spelling – is what freewriting is all about. The goal, like Brainstorming and Clustering, is to give yourself the freedom to explore your topic without worrying about the correctness of any single response. When freewriting, it often helps to set a goal:

• I will write for 15 minutes, or

• I will write 3 pages, and then,


Start with something that will set you on the right track, like a sentence describing your topic, and then continue writing, without a filter and without worrying about the connections, or errors you may be making. A freewriting sample might look like this:

I have to write a paper about making connections. Maybe social connections. How do people make social connections? I’ve got friends from school. And I met a cool guy at that party I went to at the end of the month. Maybe I should contact him on Facebook. Ugh, 10 minutes left. I wonder if there’s anything new on my twitter feed? I wonder how that is a social medium. I mean, I don’t ever “talk” to anyone on there.

At the end of your goal, read your text and extract any usable content or ideas to use in building your paper further. In the example above, two social medium, Facebook and Twitter were mentioned, as well as the idea of “What makes a social medium social?”