A Message From the Chief

 A Message from the Desk of Chief Roger D. Byars

From the Chief,
The Texas Southern University Police Department is a full service police department operating 24 hours per day, seven days a week. Our central police operations are currently housed in the General Services Building located at 3443 Blodgett Street, Houston, Texas. The department consists of eighty-eight (88) employees – 36 commissioned police personnel and 52 civilian employees. The TSU Deparment of Public Safety provides the TSU community with many services, uniformed security services, bicycle patrol, criminal investigations, police records, “video surveillance” patrol, parking enforcement and crime prevention programs, to name but a few of our services. The department operates on an annual budget of approximately $3.6 million dollars.
The safety and well-being of the Students, Faculty, Staff and visiting constituents is our number one priority. We understand our role and responsibility when it comes to protecting and preserving peace in and around the campus. It is a role we take very serious. It is our daily goal to make every individual that crosses this campus feel safe, secure and free from harm. The police department prides itself on working as a team, not only within the department, but also in the community. With collaboration from the community and other law enforcement agencies, the police department can identify the core functions and essential services that are needed to make Texas Southern University one of the safest campuses in the world.
As Chief of Police, I take my duties and responsibility extremely serious. Although the task of overseeing the safety and security of the University is demanding, I (and all members of TSU Police Department) are up for the challenge, and committed to the mission, vision and core values of the University. Please feel free to contact our Department at anytime, the men and women of the police department look forward to serving you.
Protecting Tomorrow’s Leaders…..Today!
Roger D, Byars
Chief of Police
Texas Southern University Police Department