QEP Associate Director
Arbolina L. Jennings

Assistant Professor, English, COLABS
Phone: 713-313-6764/7661
Email: jennings_al@tsu.edu

QEP Program Coordinator
Camesha Scruggs

QEP Office
Phone: 713-313-6758/6759
Email: scruggscl@TSU.EDU

QEP Student Learning Outcomes

The QEP Literacy: Promoting Excellence in Learning targets first-year college students with the overarching goal of improving their academic achievement by enhancing information literacy and improving communication skills. Through this goal, by the end of the freshman year, students will have achieved the following student learning outcomes: 

  1. Students will be able to identify, access, evaluate, and use appropriately and ethically various forms of information.
  2. Students will define and research a topic using relevant information.
  3. Students will analyze and respond to a written or mediated text, such as a speech, a film, or a website.
  4. Students will demonstrate their ability to communicate effectively by composing and delivering a well-organized oral argument and by writing a critical essay using standard documentation and research appropriate to the topic.