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Syllabi Revision Project for QEP Implementation in Fall 2012

The QEP is faculty-led and student-centered. In order to plan for Fall 2012 QEP implementation, a QEP Faculty Associates Committee, comprised of general education specialists and information literacy experts, revised core curricular syllabi to include the following:
  1. Best-practices on active learning from pilot assessment data.
  2. Integration of information literacy standards into core courses.
  3. Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) Revised Core Curriculum Objectives and Student Learning Outcomes.
  4. Assessment grade sheets compatible with Blackboard gradebook.
  5. TSU Websites: QEP Online Writing Lab (OWL).
  6. Blackboard Master Courses Blackboard OWL Grammar Basics.
  7. Faculty Development Workshop in syllabi implementation.
  8. Writing Lab, Speech Lab, and RJT Library enhancements and video introductions.