Summer School Program
Summer of Success Program (SOS)

The Summer of Success conditional admission program is a provisional admission program at Texas Southern University that gives students a unique opportunity to gain full admission to the University. Students may not apply for Summer Conditional Admission program. Students are selected for participation in this program by the Office of Admissions.


  1. Click here to Confirm your attendance!
  2. Pay the $200.00 Down payment
  3. Complete your 2018-2019 FAFSA now at
  4. Submit Meningitis Record by June 3rd, 2019 or 713.313.7817
  5. Attend a Mandatory Orientation by June 3rd, 2019 at
  6. Take Your TSI Exam by June 3rd, 2019
  7. Move on Campus for the Program July 6th, 2019

Are You Priority?

Making the decision to come to college is a life-changing decision. Set yourself up for success by making your enrollment in the Summer of Success Academic Academy a priority.Successful completion of this program opens the door to your college career.Why wait? Start the process now by confirming your attendance and making your $200.00 deposit.

Being priority Comes With Benefits!

Confirm your attendance for SOS by March 15th and receive a priority pass that includes:

  • Full FAFSA Review by a TSU financial aid specialist
  • Guaranteed SOS Housing
  • One-on-one College Advising with your own freshman advisor
  • Receiving your books and school supplies first!



Cost for Everyone Else

Cost For You

Average cost for 6 credit hours



TSI Testing






Meal Plan



Books and Supplies






University Pays



Balance Left



Got Questions?

Please, direct questions about the admissions process to:
The Office of Admissions
Texas Southern University
3100 Cleburne Street
Houston, TX 77004

Download SOS Brochure