Summer of Success Program (SOS)

Summer of Success (SOS) Campus
Housing FAQs:

What do students need to apply for housing?
Students do not need to submit a separate application for housing for the SOS Program. Students who register to attend the program will be sent housing information.

How much does housing cost?
The housing and meal plan costs for the SOS Program are included in the $900 program fee.
Is living on campus mandatory to participate in the SOS Program?
Yes. The SOS Program requires students to live on campus in the designated housing facility - University Towers.
When will students be notified of their housing assignment for the SOS Program?
Room assignment information will be sent out at least two weeks prior to the move-in date.
When can students officially move into residence hall?
The residence hall will be open on July 6, 2017 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. for move-in. Note: For special move-in arrangements, please contact the Residential Life and Housing Office in advance - 713-313-7206 or by e-mail TSUhousingA@tsu.edu.
Does TSU assist with roommate selection?
Yes, roommates are matched based on their majors for the SOS Program.
What size are the beds in the rooms?
Beds at Texas Southern University are extra-long twin size.
What amenities are available in the residence hall?
University Towers is equipped with such amenities as high speed internet access, cable, computer labs, vending machines, laundry facilities, study areas and lounges.
Are laundry services available?
Each residential community has laundry facilities on property. Students must purchase a laundry card in order to do laundry.
Is there a visitation policy in the residence halls?
Visitations hours are from 4 p.m. – 1 a.m. Friday & Saturday; 2 p.m. – 10 p.m. Sunday.
Can students have overnight guests?
Overnight guests are not allowed in the residence halls.
Can students have a pet?
Pets are not allowed in the residence halls.
Can students bring a car for the SOS Program?
Yes. All students that reside in TSU campus housing must register their vehicle with TSU Department of Public Safety. Vehicle registration must be completed within the first ten (10) days of the start of each academic semester. All students who have vehicles must purchase a decal. All housing communities have designated parking for all residents and visitors. For more information on parking, visit em.tsu.edu/parking.php.
Will TSU take responsibility for burglary or thefts in the residential community?
No, it is recommended that all students acquire rental insurance for all personal property of value. Information on rentals insurance is available at www.collegestudentinsurance.com.
What are the rules in the residential community?
All students are governed by the University Student Code of Conduct. In addition, the Residential Life and Housing Student Handbook will serve as the official rules, policies, and procedures for the residential community. Students will be provided this information during the orientation session for the SOS Program.
How will students in the SOS Program choose housing for the fall semester?
Students selected to participate in the SOS Program may complete the application for campus housing online at www.tsu.edu/housing starting in March 2017. Only eligible students that complete the SOS Program will be allowed to move into their campus housing assignment for the fall semester.