The Division of Student of Enrollment and Student Success is here for you. It is our goal to provide all of the necessary information that will help you navigate through the myriad of services that the university offers. Our staff wants to assist you with your endeavors of achieving your personal and intellectual growth while you are a student at Texas Southern University. The philosophy of our division is that we have to be a student centered institution. Although there are many components to our division, the road always leads to you. We are all different but we are still one, and this office is glad to be a part of your campus experience.

Our Mission

“We’re making a DIFFERENCE in the lives of our students” The division also seeks to prepare its diverse constituencies – men and women of varied ages, cultures and ethnic backgrounds – for their role as creative and productive citizens in the international community. Finally, through regular self-review processes, the division endeavors to respond to the needs of a changing student population. The major responsibility of the Division of Student Services is to maintain a comprehensive education and student support service programs to meet the needs of students. Toward these ends, the division provides oversight and direction for more than 35 university programs and service areas that support Texas Southern University students outside the classroom.

Our Goals

  • Improve and promote positive relationships and satisfaction throughout the division, within and between various levels and offices and between students and the division, including relationships with students.
  • Partner and collaborate with all university departments, programs, and services to provide communication, training, and expertise that support student learning and development in and out of class.
  • Create and implement a model for developing and allocating resources (space, staff, operations, personal and professional growth and development) and matching resources to prioritized departmental functions.
  • Develop and implement a student services information and assessment system for planning, decision-making and marketing.
  • Create a unified image and theme for the Division.
  • Serve as advocates for students in all university matters.
  • Promote ethical behavior among and between students, staff and faculty.
  • Promote academic success through courses, tutoring and mentoring activities.