Housing Accommodations

Housing accommodations are provided on a case by case basis in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Fair Housing Act. Housing accommodations are provided on a first come-first serve basis. SASO collaborates with TSU Residential Life and Housing to maintain integrity practices during the accommodation process.

Students must complete the TSU housing online application and pay the required deposit fee. We recommend, students simultaneously, apply for residential accommodations with SASO to complete the process in a timely manner. Students must request housing accommodations by the established deadlines set by TSU, Residence Life & Housing.

Students must complete a SASO application and Intake. The Health Care Professional must complete the Verification form, sign and return to SASO electronically (disabilityservices@tsu.edu). Any documentation submitted must be authentic from a Professional Health Care Provider substantiating the diagnosis that limits a major life activity and support the need for a residential accommodation.

Additional documentation may be requested to complete the evaluation process. Student’s documentation is kept confidential and is only used to assess residential accommodation request.

The applicant request will be processed when all information is received. The eligibility process may take 7 to 14 business days. Incomplete service packets may delay the process. Students will be informed of the accommodation request status and/or decision electronically.

Students are required to review and sign the housing accommodation plan with a SASO counselor. If approved, a Residential Life and Housing representative will notify students of their approved housing placement. Students must renew housing accommodations annually by submitting a SASO Housing accommodation request and updating documentation, if the condition changes.