Tryout Dates/Times:

Cheer Clinic: April 8th-12th (4pm-7pm)

Tryout: April 12th (4pm-7pm)

Tryout Location:

Texas Southern University Recreation Center

Women’s Tryout Attire:

  • Grey or Black Sport Bra
  • Grey or Black Sports Shorts
  • Hair: All the way up or Half up and Half Down with white hair bow (Natural Hair Color)
  • Stud earrings may be worn.
  • No long nails

Men’s Tryout Attire:

  • Black or Grey T- Shirt
  • Grey or Black Athletic Shorts
  • Neat Grooming

General Requirements:

  • Admission Letter of Acceptance – Incoming Students
  • 2.5 GPA or higher – Returning Students Current Head Shot Photo
  • Tryout Application (Electronically through Apply Now link)
  • Onsite Interview w/ Current Coach and Advisor

Tryout Requirements:

Previous cheer-leading experience is recommended (High school level or All-star)

Must have stunting ability/skills Tumbling – Minimum standing back tuck and running back handspring back tuck


  • Toe Touch, Pike, Triple Jump Combination
  • Co-ed Stunts (male): Toss chair (minimum) and optional stunt
  • Partner stunts (female): best stunt
  • One (1) Cheer – taught during clinic
  • One(1) Chant – taught during clinic
  • Fight Song – taught during clinic

Mascot Tryout Requirements (Male and Female Mascots are Welcome):

ATTIRE: Tryout in Suit

Bring two (2) clean T-shirts for performance day


  • Never talk while in uniform 
  • Gesture to game situation questions asked by judges
  • Show spirit on and off performance area
  • 1:00 Minute Skit (NO MUSIC)
  • 30 Sec. Skit (w/music)
  • Props Acrobatics
  • Crowd Involvement
  • Sign Usage
  • Dance
  • Themed Performance