Dining Services provides a well-balanced meal plan offering a variety of food options to students at each meal. By making wise choices, students can maintain a well-balanced and healthy diet.

Please note that meal plan exemption requests will only be considered for those who demonstrate that a meal plan cannot in any way satisfy their dietary needs, and provide appropriate supporting documentation as set forth below. It is the responsibility of the student to obtain all required approvals or necessary documentation. All required documentation must be submitted via E-mail for the request to be considered. Incomplete requests will NOT be considered and will be returned.

  Important things for students to keep in mind:

  • The deadline for submitting exemptions request is by the 12 th day of the semester.
  • Outcome of exemption requests will be provided via TSU email address.
  • Requests received after the deadline(s) will not be considered until the following semester.
  • Please note that you have an obligation to pay for your meal plan until your exemption request is approved.
  • If you submit an exemption request and the meal charge has been placed on your account, understand that you are responsible for all payments by deadlines.
  • You are responsible for all charges up to the date the exemption is approved. It is recommended that students pay for their meal plan. In the event that their request is approved, a refund will be processed from the date of approval.  
  • Exemptions are only granted when Dining Services is not able to meet the dietary needs of the student in any respect.



  • Name
  • TSU ID#:
  • TSU Student E-mail Address:
  • Phone Number:
  • Exemption Request Period: Fall or Spring
  • Term Year: 2023-2024
  • Exemption request based on:
    • Religious Dietary Observance
    • Medical Condition


Part I. Personal Statement: Written statement which details why you require an exemption from the meal plan. Must be clear in your statement how you will obtain, store, and prepare your food during the semester. Attach additional documentation if needed. Personal statements are required for all meal plan exemption requests.


Part II. Documentation (please attach): In addition to the personal statement above, please provide the following documentation:

  • Medical : The following documentation is required:
    1. A letter on letterhead from a medical doctor is required (letters from chiropractors are not accepted) stating what your medical condition is and why such medical condition prevents you from fulfilling your dietary needs through a meal plan. In the event of food intolerance/allergies, the doctor must state specifically which food(s) you cannot consume.
    2. Copies of all tests performed that substantiate the diagnosis including the date taken.
    3. A diet you are to follow for your medical condition. This includes a sample menu for meals/snacks for 3 days, foods you are to avoid, and foods you can eat. This diet plan should be provided from your medical doctor.
  • Religious: The following documentation is required:
    1. A letter on letterhead from a recognized religious leader explaining the dietary guidelines of your religious observance and why such dietary needs cannot be provided through a meal plan.


  Part III. Review Process:

  1. Submit written statement along with all required documentation to dining@tsu.edu.
  2. Once requests are received, they will be reviewed and submitted to our Dining Services and Meal Exemption Committee.
  3. It usually takes approximately one to two weeks from receipt of your exemption request to obtain a final decision.
  4. Notification of the decision will be made via email to the student’s TSU email address.
  5. It should be noted that the decision is final.
  6. If the request is approved, the charge is prorated from the date the decision was rendered. All charges up to that date are valid.