Texas Southern University is committed towards maintaining a non-discriminatory university community free from sexual harassment, misconduct, violence, and stalking. The Office of Title IX in collaboration with University Human Resources and Student Affairs have assembled a variety of learning opportunities to educate students, staff, and faculty about prevention, response, recovery, and resource components associated with sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, intimate partner violence, and stalking.

Training Session Topics consists of information that:
  • Identify university policy and define prohibited conduct
  • Identify preventive strategies Texas Southern University utilizes, such as Bystander Intervention strategies
  • Identify methods that may be utilized to support impacted individuals
  • Identify university support resources students, staff, and faculty can use
  • Explain Texas Southern University procedures when responding and investigating reports

Note: All Texas Southern University students (Undergraduate and Graduate) are required to complete Title IX training annually, training must be completed on or before November 1st of the Fall Semester and April 1st of the Spring Semester. Students will receive an email notification called “Tiger Tips” as well as a communication video reminding them of the importance of completing Title IX training. The Title IX training modules must be accessed via students’ Blackboard accounts. Texas Southern University realizes that there will be students who may not be able to complete the online version of the Title IX training. Students not able to complete the online version may complete the Waiver form to request a waiver. The Office of Title IX will review these requests and if granted, students will be required to complete the alternative Title IX Refresher Power Point in lieu of the online version for credit.