Your Role as A Responsible Employee

It is important that all Texas Southern University community members enjoy a university environment free from sex discrimination, harassment and violence. Texas Southern University promotes and enforces this belief by the fact that the university complies with all Federal, Texas State Laws, and University policies to protect university community members from sex discrimination. 

All Texas Southern University employees are REQUIRED by Texas Senate Bill 212 to disclose any instance of sex discrimination and harassment, sexual violence, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking to the University’s Title IX Coordinator. In cases of emergency, University Police should be notified by dialing ext. 7000 or 911.

Responsible Employees include, but are not limited to the following:

  • University Administrators (i.e., President, Provost, and Vice Presidents)
  • Faculty (i.e., Professors, Instructors, and Adjuncts)
  • Staff (i.e., Secretaries, Custodians, Maintenance and Grounds Workers)
  • Resident Hall Staff
  • Dining Services Staff
  • Athletic Coaches and Staff (i.e., coaches, trainers)
  • Employees who work in University Offices and University Facilities
  • University Supervisors and Managers

Confidential Employees (Staff members designated as Confidential Employees include University Health Services and Counseling Center). These staff members are required to only report incidents to the Title IX Coordinator, and DO NOT DISCLOSE the names of the individuals involved an incident regarding sex discrimination and harassment, sexual violence, dating violence, domestic violence or stalking.


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