Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex – including pregnancy and parental status in educational programs and activities.

  • Title IX mandates that schools must offer supportive measures to students who are pregnant and parenting.
  • Title IX mandates schools must allow students who are pregnant to return to their same academic and extracurricular status as before their pregnancy.

The University may offer students alternatives that can help support pregnant and parenting students to continue their education uninterrupted due to circumstances related to pregnancy. Common examples of support measures can include amending attendance policies, excusing absences, making up assignments, extending time to complete assignments, alternating test/exam dates, moving to online classes, withdrawing from school without penalty, and seating preference in the classroom.

Students should understand that when seeking pregnancy support measures, the process is interactive. Students should initiate a conversation with their professors and to develop support plans that can assist students continue their education uninterrupted due to pregnancy or parenting circumstances.

Steps Students seeking assistance are encouraged to follow these steps:

First, if students have not already done so, they should contact their professors immediately and inform their professors about their situation.

  • It is suggested students notify their professors about anticipated absences and/or potential issues which may require alternative support measures (i.e. classroom seating accommodations, parking assistance, etc.)
  • Students should work with their professors to arrange academic support measures
    • Excuse absences for pre-natal, pregnancy, and post-natal medical appointments.
    • Establish dates to make up missed assignments and exams.

Second, students who experience problems navigating and receiving available academic support measures from their professors should contact the Student Ombudsperson for assistance.

  • Click the link Ombudsman Intake Form and complete the Student Ombudsperson Intake Form for assistance.

Third, if students experience potential problems related to any professors denying support measures, please contact the Office of Title IX for additional assistance. Students may submit a complaint via our online portal or via the Live Safe App to initiate additional services with our office.

  • The complaint form can be obtained at www.tsu.edu/titleix.
  • Use your cell phone to access the form using the University’s Live Safe App. Select the Title IX tile to obtain the complaint form.


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