The selection of the deans will be done in accordance with the guidelines as outlined in section 2.8 of the University's Faculty Manual which states: When a vacancy arises and there is a need to select a Dean for a school or college, a search committee shall be appointed by the Provost, the majority of whose members shall be selected from a slate of the tenured faculty elected from within the affected school or college. The remainder of the committee shall be determined by the Provost and shall represent students, alumni, and community practitioners from the affected discipline, and at least one tenured faculty member from outside the affected school or college.

The search committees will assist the Provost in the process of selecting a finalist for each dean position. Preliminary screening and the first round of interviews will be held in March 2022. Finalists will be invited to the campus for interviews in April 2022. Once finalists are selected and submitted to the Provost, recommendations will be made to the President by the Provost. Pursuant to Board of Regents Policy, section 61.10, the President will submit the selected finalists for approval by the Board of Regents.

To ensure that the deans are in place for the Fall 2023 academic year, the following timeline has been established for hiring:

November –2021

  • Formation of search committees
  • Meetings with search committees to issue their charge of responsibility in the search process

December 2021 – January 2022

  • Announcement of openings

February - March – April 2022

  • Screen potential candidates
  • Begin preliminary interviews
  • Present candidates
  • Prepare search committees for the first round of interviews

April 2022

  • Finalist interviews taking place on campus
  • Finalists named

May 2022

  • President submits finalist recommendations to Board of Regents for approval


Deanship Vacancies in Two Colleges

Texas Southern University is in full engagement with its mission of service excellence through top-quality leadership in our 10 colleges and schools. The University will begin an aggressive national search to select deans in two areas in the Spring of 2022.

  • College of Science Engineering and Technology
  • School of Communication