Truck maintenence at Texas Southern University Fleet Maintenance Division

Texas Southern University Fleet Maintenance Division

Mission Statement

To effectively meet the transportation demands of the campus community while providing an equitable and quality service with scope of available resources. We will also incorporate various preventive maintenance tips to prolong the life of the vehicles.

Bertran Harrison
Executive Director of Facilities & Maintenance Services
General Services Building
Phone: 713-313-1810

Fleet Division
Name Title Phone Number Email Address
Damon Steward Fleet Manager (713) 313-7375

The Fleet Service Team:

Name Title
Dale Chambliss Driver
Ron Grant  Driver 
Arnaldo Rodriguez Diesel Mechanic

Helpful Forms and Information Links

Helpful Tips for Vehicles

  • Driving at a conservative speed on the highway has shown to get better gas mileage in most automobiles. This is enhanced by driving at a steady pace.
  • Check tire pressure regularly and make sure that the tires are at the manufacturer's recommended specification.
  • Keep the vehicle properly aligned. If the wheels are out of alignment, it could affect the fuel consumption.
  • Make every effort to maintain the vehicle maintenance per the manufacturer's specification in newer model cars.
  • In older model cars, keep the oil changed at regular intervals. Also, have a certified mechanic check to make sure there are no other items that need to be addressed.
  • Change the air filter when needed and the fuel filter at regular intervals. A filter problem could reduce the fuel consumption in your vehicle.
  • Remove unnecessary weight from the vehicle. This could help reduce fuel usage.

The plan is to take the vehicle operations green by 80 % by the year 2011 with replacing vehicles in the fleet by means of grants and other resources.