Tuition and fees for each academic year are set by the Texas Southern Board of Regents.  Beginning in Fall 2014, all incoming freshmen and first-time transfer students will have the option of selecting a Fixed Rate Tuition plan, which guarantees your tuition rate will be fixed for 4 academic years (12 consecutive semesters).

Please visit the Fixed Rate Tuition Plan FAQ for more information.

The deadline for payment of tuition and fees is by the 1st day of the semester unless the student has a financial aid deferment or is enrolled in an Installment Plan.  Students who do not have a financial aid deferment or are not enrolled in an installment plan may incur an additional $104 late payment charge.

Students who do not make satisfactory payment arrangements will have their classes canceled on the 20th class day for Fall and Spring semesters and on the 15th class day for the Summer semesters.

Fall 2024 - Spring 2025

May 2024 Mini-mester
An explanation of all mandatory and incidental tuition and fees can be found within the Tuition and Fee Summary.