Texas Southern University adheres to the Refund or Adjustment of Withdrawals/Dropped Courses policy set forth in Texas Higher Education code 54.006.  Refunds/adjustments are granted for those fees designated as "refundable". The refundable fees assessed at registration are tuition and the designated tuition fee.

DROPPED COURSES (Continued Enrollment)

Any student who drops courses within the first twelve (12) days of a Fall or Spring semester or within the first four (4) days of a Summer term and remains enrolled in the University will be responsible for a percentage of the tuition and fees based on the dropped date of the course(s).

WITHDRAWALS (Discontinued Enrollment)

Any student who officially withdraws from the University will be responsible for a percentage of the tuition and fees based on the withdrawal date.  Students who register for courses that are paid for through the use of financial aid are considered enrolled at the University until they officially withdraw through the Office of the Registrar.

Ceasing to attend classes or stopping payment of checks for fees owed without officially withdrawing from the University will result in semester grades of "F". Thus, any remaining balances owed to the University by a student who ceases to attend classes, but who does not officially withdraw through the Office of the Registrar, are still due and may NOT be subject to reduction.


Students seeking a Medical/Mental Health Withdrawal should review the Policy and Procedures.
Medical-Mental Health Withdrawal Policy & Procedure 2022-2023

Required Form I - Medical Withdrawal-Health Care Provider Consent: upload the Health Care Provider Consent form to Medicat at https://tsu.medicatconnect.com. Students will have five (5) business days to upload documentation after submitting the Request for Medical Withdrawal. 

Email Medical Withdrawal Questions to:

Dr. Tiyahri Wilson, LMHC


Dean of Student Responsibility and University Standards

 P: (713) 313.4233 | F: (713) 313.7164

Sterling  Student Life Center | Suite 218

3100 Cleburne St. Houston, TX 77004


Click here for important Withdrawal/Drop dates.