Texas Southern University’s Office of Title IX provides a mechanism for the management of non-criminal reporting of sexual misconduct by providing a prompt, fair, and impartial investigation, and resolution process. OTIX is committed to fostering a safe, welcoming, and inclusive community free from sexual discrimination, harassment, or violence. OTIX believes Texas Southern University embraces a culture of acceptance, care and support that is shared by all university community members and welcomes the shared responsibility and accountability for university community member’s actions. OTIX is committed to maintaining and strengthening an educational, working and living environment where students, faculty, staff, visitors, and applicants for admission or employment are free from sexual harassment or sex-based discrimination of any kind.

Title IX Team
The University has a designated Title IX Coordinator who can answer questions and assist you with reporting options and resources. You are welcome to contact:
Dr. Cynthia Buckley
Title IX Coordinator
Phone: 713.313.7037
Location: HH127B

Melissa Flores, J.D.
HEC Partners, LLC
TSU Title IX Partner
Phone: 801.557.1657
Location: Remote

Robert  Bienkowski
HEC Partners, LLC
TSU Title IX Partner
Location: Remote

Dr. Dwalah Brown-Fisher
Senior Women Administrator and Title IX Liason
Phone: 713.313.7621
Email:  dwalah.brown-fisher@tsu.edu
Health and Physical Education Room 151
Ka’Shonda Hurst
Sr. Employee Relations Specialist
Phone: 713.313.7881
Email: kashonda.hurst@tsu.edu
Hannah Hall, Suite 125
Members of the Texas Southern University community have the right to:
  • Receive university support measures, whether they file a complaint
  • Contact and speak to University confidential resources
  • Contact law enforcement agencies
  • File a complaint with the university’s Office of Title IX
The Office of Title IX Core Values
  • Principle – We approach our work with morally correct behavior and attitudes which is central to how we operate.
  • Fair – We act with impartiality and behave without favoritism or discrimination, employing just treatment underscores the service we provide.
  • Collaboration – We actively engage with campus and community partners to ensure that our work is effective, productive, and trustworthy.
  • Support Assistance – We are here to help individuals with issues that may impact them within the education and employment environment, ensuring the university maintains compliance with Title IX regulations is central to the service we provide.
  • Competence – We approach our work competently to make sure we complete our job duties efficiently, fairly, and successfully.
  • Care – We approach our work with care which is pivotal to our work by employing courteous, approachable, respectful, empathic, and supportive techniques, all with the intent of treating students, staff, faculty, guests, and information with thoughtfulness and discretion.
  • Mastery – We maintain comprehensive knowledge and skill in the subject matter we oversee through ongoing professional development and training.