SGA President Reflects on His Time at TSU

Student Spotlight

The Texas Southern University alumnus legacy continues for the family of Aaron Dallas. The finance major from Cypress, Texas, said his time at his Historically Black College was a life-changing experience.

I met some of the greatest people in the world here, and I am very glad I chose to attend Texas Southern University,” said Dallas.

The student leader served as the 2018-2019 Student Government Association President, was a member of the Jesse H. Jones Entrepreneurship Club, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, Recreation Intramural Sports and sat on the Thomas F. Freeman Honors College Recruitment Committee.

He says his time spent as a student and leader was well worth it and prepared him to be a strong alumnus and leader in his community. “I am deeply committed to leaving a legacy and serving others,” said, “It is a huge motivation for me to wake up and soar in my purpose.”

Dallas is motivated knowing the words he speaks and the work he does will outlive him and touch corners of the university, nation, and world. Spring Break 2019, Dallas and another member of the Student Government Association, traveled abroad to Liberia with the goal of making a lasting impact.

With funds from the Dallas-Jones Dream Foundation 501c3, partnered with funds from Texas Southern University, he was able to make an investment into the future leaders of tomorrow. While there, two $500 scholarships were given to the students of Owensgrove Elementary and High School and the Divine Orphanage. “Giving out scholarships is a way to show support for those pursuing an education and hopefully will be a tool to encourage them to keep going,”

Balance was a key part of how Dallas excelled both academically and socially at TSU. “It is crucially important to set boundaries, have accountability partners, learn when to say no, and practice good time and self-management.”

A quote that has significant meaning to Dallas is from President Theodore Roosevelt, “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”

Several professors had an impact on his time at TSU including professors Kalan Laws, Austin James, Kimberly Brown, Cher Crockett, and Olusegun Ayadi. “

Each professor mentioned was exemplary and consummate in the subject they taught and truly went above and beyond for me and other students,” Dallas said these individuals impacted him through mentorship, assisting him when searching for internships and volunteer opportunities and helping him sharpen the skills he needs for success in the classroom and life.

Dallas chose to major in Finance because the opportunities it could provide, “There is a strong demand and growing job prospects for finance students, and the opportunity has provided me with a multifaceted range of opportunities to pursue.” After his degree is conferred, Dallas plans to attend Brown University for graduate school. He wants to use his finance degree to teach minority students basic financial skills and looks to open his own community center focused on financial literacy.

As a legacy student, graduation holds a great significance of meaning because when he graduated from high school he did not have a clear plan on what he wanted to major in or what type of degree he wanted to pursue. “I have successfully continued the legacy in my family of attending and graduating from TSU,” said Dallas, “I hope this can serve as a big motivation for current and prospective students to attend and finish.”