Dr. Mary Evans Sias

Interim President

Dr. Carl Goodman

Provost & Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

Kia Harper

Interim Chief of Staff, and Executive Director of Presidential Initiatives and Special Projects

Dr. Raijanel Crockem Associate Vice President for Institutional Assessment and Planning Effectiveness
Tracy Clemons Associate Vice President for Marketing & Communications
Benjamin Green Interim Consulting Vice President & Chief Information and Digital Officer

John Pittman

Interim Chief Financial Officer/Vice President of Business and Finance

Dr. Michelle Penn-Marshall

Vice President of Research and Innovation

Dr. Kevin Granger

Vice President of Intercollegiate Athletics

Carme Williams

Interim Consulting Vice President of Development

Charlie Nhan

Acting General Counsel

Dr. Cynthia Buckley

Senior Associate Vice President of Human Resources

Melanie Jackson

Executive Director of Procurement

Bobby A. Brown

Acting Chief of Police