Program Overview

The mission of our program is to train policy-oriented planners and environmental policy analysts for leadership positions in planning and environmental policy-related organizations, with special emphasis on issues of significance to the communities and regions of the Southwest. The goal of the program is to equip future professionals with analytical and policy formulation skills that will enable them to address with vision and foresight, the current and future environmental problems caused by our impact on the environment. Our MUPEP program is the only accredited planning program in the Greater Houston region and the fourth accredited planning program in the State of Texas. It was first accredited in 2009. Recently it was awarded a four year re-accreditation to December 31, 2022 by the Planning Accreditation Board (PAB).



  • Train students for professional careers in planning and equip them to function in generalist and specialist roles
  • Provide students with an understanding of the history and theory of cities and urban regions and the environmental influences on city and regional planning
  • Prepare students with life-long analytical, research and communication skills
  • Provide students with the specific knowledge and skills needed to become successful, practicing planners in a wide range of planning areas
  • Educate students about the relationship between the developed environment and the natural environment
  • Provide students with scientific and technical skills that can be applied professionally to solve environment problems
Faculty & Staff


Students will develop the understanding, sensitivity, and skills necessary to pursue professional careers in a variety of public, private, and nonprofit roles. The Department values environments where cities have vital centers and efficient means of movement, and where neighborhoods offer opportunities for all to live affordably and safely. Our curriculum introduces students to the theories of planning, methods of analysis, effective means of communication, a range of planning processes, and creative strategies for implementation. U.S. News has rated planning as one of the top 50 best careers of 2011. Click Public Information to see details.

Careers Info
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