Undergraduate Major in Human Service and Consumer Sciences

Four concentrations are offered by the Department of Human Services and Consumer Sciences under the Bachelor of Science in Human Services and Consumer Sciences at the undergraduate level:

  • Child and Family Development
  • Family and Consumer Sciences

Degree Plan

The Bachelor of Science in HSCS: Child and Family Development

The area of Child and Family Development focuses on growth throughout the lifespan as well as family dynamics and the impact thereof on individual family members. This exciting program prepares individuals for entrepreneurial and other professional careers in agencies, institutions, and programs that focus on services for children, youth, adults, and families. Some career options include: family and community extension agents; caseworkers; parent educators; family-child educators; recreation workers/play therapists (with extended practicum hours in a certified program); civil servants in family service units of police departments; early childhood professionals in private, parochial, and public schools (with certification); and owners/directors of schools for young children.

Students pursuing the Child and Family Development option must complete 120 semester hours.



Degree Plan & Courses Details