Jazz at TSU

Major in Jazz Studies at TSU
Jazz pictureTSU offers a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Performance that prepares young professionals for a myriad of career possibilities. Whether it is a performer, composer-producer, educator, or curator Jazz at TSU will prepare you to excel in your field. TSU boasts an outstanding faculty of leading music educators and world-class performers that are student-centered and community-driven. In addition, students also have the opportunity to work with guest artists that are internationally renowned.

Stand on the shoulders of giants
The TSU Jazz ensembles are award-winning and renowned ensembles that have fostered the talents of many of the top performers of today. Notable alums include; Kirk Whalum, Shelly Carroll, Frank Lacy, Andrae Hayward, Horace Young, and Kyle Turner to name a few. TSU ensembles have always been forward-thinking, geared toward the modern musician, and cultivate a unique environment for musical exploration and self-expression.

A Vibrant Music Scene
The Houston area offers a wide range of on and off-campus performance opportunities. Houston is the cultural center of the Southwest and has a vibrant music scene. Students will be amazed at the depth and diversity of performance opportunities from jazz clubs, to recording studios, cruise ships, theater big bands, international music festivals, and beyond. Students not only will gain an invaluable education, but also create a network of active professionals that will help propel their career forward.

Unique Opportunities
Jazz majors are also able to utilize the brand new state-of-the-art recording studio on campus. Partnered with renowned jazz radio station KTSU, these outlets provide students with rich array of resources right here on campus. The rigorous academic curriculum at TSU combined with countless opportunities for collaboration will prepare the student for musicianship, professionalism, entrepreneurship, and industry leadership. 

Financial Support
Scholarships are available to qualified applicants for Jazz Ensembles. See the “auditions" sidebar for requirements and materials or contact Dr. Brian Perez at brian.perez@tsu.edu

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