Faculty Profiles

Faculty Profiles
Dr. Queen

Dr. Needha M. Boutte-Queen
Professor, Acting Senior Associate Provost & Associate Vice-President for Academic Affairs
Ph.D,. University of Houston
A.M., University of Chicago
B.A., Texas Southern University                                                           Wrongfully Convicted Persons; Aging Issues; Social Work Advancement; Social Work Education; Research Methods; Social Welfare Policy, Policy Analysis; Children & Families; Quality Assurance & Improvement; Aging Populations; Administration and Community Organization; Field Education Development                       

Needha.Boutte-Queen@tsu.edu | 713-313-1237 |Hannah Hall, Suite 309-B

Ifueko Omorogbe

Ms. Ifueko Omorogbe
Director of Field Education

M.A., Counseling Prairie View A&M  
M.S.W., Our Lady of the Lake University                                                  Children and Families, African American Youth, Elder Care, Community Development, Addiction Counseling; School Social Work; Public Child Welfare
Ifueko.Omorogbe@tsu.edu | 713-313-1196 | Public Affairs #302AB

Dr. Loudd

Dr. Grace Loudd
Associate Professor
Ph.D., University of Houston
M.S.W., University of New Hampshire                                                               
M.P.A., Lamar University                                                                              Women’s Health and Sexuality, Severe Mental Illness and Intimate Partner Violence, and HIV/AIDS Social Disparities.
Grace.Loudd@tsu.edu | 713-313-1194 | Public Affairs #302AA

Dr. Milton

Dr. Orlando Milton, Jr.
Assistant Professor
Ed.D., Texas Southern University
M.S.W., Grand Valley State University                                                    Graduation Rates of African Americans; Male College Athletes
Orlando.Milton@tsu.edu |713-313-1195 | Public Affairs #302V

Dr. Nicole Willis

Dr. Nicole Willis 
Associate Professor, Chair
Ph.D., University of Houston
M.S.W., University of Houston
B.A., University of Southern California                                                        School Social Work; Public Child Welfare; Professional Self-Care
Nicole.Willis@tsu.edu | 713-313-7320 | Public Affairs #302Z

Dr. Drglo

Dr. Gloria Batiste-Roberts 
Adjunct Professor, Debate Team Coach & Director (T.F. Freeman Center for Forensic Excellence)
Dr. P.H., University of Texas
M.S.W., Howard University
B.A., Texas Southern University                                                             Protective Services for Children including Foster Care & Adoption, Family Services, Academy African-Centered Social Work, Forensics (Speech & Debate)

Gloria.Batiste-Roberts@tsu.edu |713-313-7205|EB Debate Team Office



Mr. Byron Parker
Visiting Instructor

M.S.W., University of Houston                                                                     B.A., Texas Southern University                                                          Organizational Leadership; Community Mental Health; Crisis Management & Natural Disaster Mitigation; Public Child Welfare; Grief and Loss; Trauma Resilience
|713-313-7783 | Public Affairs #302AE


Dr. Scherrayn Phillip-Garcia                                                                    Ph.D., Florida International University                                                          M.A., University of the Virgin Islands                                                            M.S.W., Barry University                                                                              B.S., Florida Memorial University                                                              African American youth; Mental Health; Adolescent Suicide; Minorities in Higher Education                                                                          Scherrayn.Phillip@tsu.edu |Public Affairs #302AC