Activities & Opportunities

Sociology majors and all interested students are encouraged to become members of The Sociology Scholars Association and to participate in the Spring and Fall semester Sociology Lecture Seminars. The Department of Sociology strives to enhance the student’s college experience by providing the opportunity to develop leadership skills, participate in research-oriented forums, strengthen interpersonal communication skills, and make contributions to the community by participating in service-oriented projects.

Alpha Kappa Delta (AKD) is an international academic Sociology honor society and an integral component of the Department of Sociology at Texas Southern University. The Honor Society’s focus promotes the scientific study of society through research and service to mankind. The purpose of this honor society is to promote scholarship, both at the graduate and undergraduate levels. Sociology Faculty members are diligent in encouraging all sociology majors to excel in their academic studies. To become a member of AKD, a student must be an officially declared Sociology major or have a serious interest in Sociology within an official program of the University; has to have at least junior standing; have maintained a 3.0 in Sociology courses; has accumulated the equivalent of an overall grade point average of 3.0 on a four-point scale and rank in the top 35% of their class in general scholarship; and has completed at least four regular courses in sociology prior to initiation.