Undergraduate Major in Theatre Degree

The B.A. in Theatre has two specialties or specializations available:

  • Performance
  • Technical Theatre

Degree Requirements

Students wishing to pursue the undergraduate degree offered through the Department must first gain admission to the University, must satisfy all Texas Success Initiative (TSI) responsibility requirements, and eradicate identified deficiencies. Theatre majors are required to complete 121 semester credit hours total.  21 credit hours of the total are in the area of Performance or Technical Theatre specialization. Potential theatre majors meet with a department advisor and discuss the program.  Students petition the Department for admission as testing requirements are completed and must complete preliminary requirements established by the department for majors, which may include an audition review.  An exit examination is required of all graduating seniors.

The success of any Theatre major is not solely dependent on the classroom experience. More hours than class meeting times are necessary to complete assignments and to truly develop one’s ability. Theatre majors are expected to practice their skills, research theatre related topics outside of class.


Theatre Degree Plan

Specific courses for the B.A. in Theatre, as well as the two minors offered through this unit, are listed in the degree plan links below.