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Vol 11, No 4, Winter (2018)

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126 An Academic Support and Equity Model for Athletes in Diverse Institutions and NCAA College Athletics
Lisa Hobson, Lacey Reynolds, Courtney Flowers, Dwalah Fisher, and Nana Asare
146 Mathematics Thinking in Early Learners Through the Lens of Quality Children's Literature
Delilah Gonzales and Reginald Todd
152 Vocabulary Instruction Matters!
Ingrid Haynes, Delilah Gonzales, and Mokysha Benford
160 Video-Based Observations: Improving Clinical Teachers' Reflection in Educator Preparation Programs
Delilah Gonzales, Viveca Grant, Jessica Davis, and Dwalah Fisher
166 In Pursuit of the Doctoral Degree: An Analysis of Socialization of Graduate Students at an HBCU
Bernnell Peltier-Glaze and Collette Bloom