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The Office of Field Experiences and Clinical Practice is responsible for ensuring our College of Education teacher candidates are placed in productive learning environments that build knowledge, skills and dispositions regarding teaching.

State Board for Educator Certification Policies

Beginning May 2002-teacher preparation program applicants will be admitted to the Program under the new certification structure and will be required to pass the TExES proficiency test in their area of study and/or endorsement, and also to pass the pedagogy and professional responsibilities proficiency test (TExES PPR). Only eligible candidates may attempt TExES. A candidate is eligible when the candidate’s advisor and department head grant approval to sit for any of the state proficiency tests. The application must be completed and accompanied by current transcripts, a degree plan signed by the applicants’ advisor and THEA scores.

Please forward application materials to:

Dr. Delilah Davis
Director of Field Experiences
College of Education, Room 100
Texas Southern University
3100 Cleburne, P.O. Box 1680
Houston, Texas 77004-4501

For additional information call or e-mail:


  College of Education Educator Preparation Program

In addition to completing the application, applicants must submit the items listed below. Admission to the College of Education Educator Preparation Program is governed by the following criteria:

  • Completion of the Educator Preparation Program application.
  • Submission of all transcripts from all colleges attended and a transcript from Texas Southern University reflecting the most recent semester enrolled prior to the date of the application.
  • Completion of the core requirements of forty-four (60) hours and those courses identified in your degree plan.
  • Submission of the degree plan signed by the advisor in the area for which certification is sought.
  • A minimum overall grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 with all classes with a grade of C or above where a grade of C- is not acceptable.
  • TSI Complete

College of Education Candidate Teaching Clinical Practice

The applicant for the candidate teaching clinical practice must complete an application that includes the approval of the student’s advisors (C&I and in the content area).

The application deadlines are as follows: for the Fall Candidate Teaching Clinical Practice is; the application deadline for the Spring Candidate Teaching Clinical Practice is. A current transcript must accompany the completed application. Persons seeking approval to engage in clinical practice are discouraged from enrolling in any additional courses.

The applicant must have completed the 45 hours of observation in the field (completed validation form), as required by law, prior to admission to clinical practice.

After approval has been given to a student seeking admission to the Candidate Teaching Clinical Practice, the candidate teacher is scheduled for an interview with the Director of Field Experiences and any member of the faculty of C & I that is able to participate. During this interview, there is a discussion about the student’s demographics and the impact on the success of Clinical Practice. Such an interview may raise such issues as: transportation, children, or any constraints that may negatively affect the success of the placement.

Candidate teachers are provided professional development activities that are related to their optimum functioning during clinical practice. Candidate teachers are assigned to school districts through the collaboration of the Director of Field Experiences and the human resources personnel of the district to which the candidate teacher is assigned. Attention is given to the certification the candidate is seeking, the availability of cooperating teachers to supervise, the constraints that surfaced in the interview, and any other requirements that may impact the candidate’s placement.

The candidate clinical practice is at least sixteen weeks.  An Orientation is provided for the candidate teachers prior to their placement. In addition, professional development activities are scheduled throughout the clinical. Topics and skills relative to the candidates’ success are presented in workshops by Human resource and district personnel at no cost. It enables them to actively recruit teachers prior to their graduation.