Texas Southern University (TSU) Charter Lab School  is located in the Greater Third Ward.

It opened in August 1995 and served students in prekindergarten through grade 5. Working in partnership with TSU’s College of Education, this school is noted for pioneering new methods of teaching in smaller learning environments. It became a charter school in 2006 and now serves students in prekindergarten through grade 2.

The TSU Charter Lab School staff consists of 4 Teachers, 1 Teaching Assistant, 1 School Clerk and 1 Campus Principal. The current school demographics:   96.7% are African American, 0.8% are Hispanic/Latino, 0.0% Asian, 0.0% Caucasian, 0.0% American Indian/Alaska Native, and 2.5% two or more races  . Within special populations, 94.3% are economically disadvantaged, 0.0% LEP, 100% at-risk, 0.0% gifted and talented, and 0.0% special education. 100% of our students received free/reduced meals. The attendance rate for 2018-2019 was approximately 88.5%.


The mission of the TSU Charter Lab School is to develop an accelerated learning environment that clearly charts a path of empowerment for its students to become tomorrow’s leaders through participation in a wide variety of educational experiences appropriate to their age, interest, and needs. .